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What is an attractive nuisance?

When a property feature presents an injury risk to children who may not be able to recognize the dangers it presents, this feature is called an “attractive nuisance.” These can be a serious problem for property owners, who can be held liable for any accidents they may cause. However, they can be an equally serious problem for parents and families looking for answers after their child has sustained an injury.

Attractive nuisances can include a wide range of elements, from construction projects and power tools to swimming pools– that is, anything that might be seen by children or teenagers as having that “wow factor.” Other attractive nuisances are less obvious but still create liability risks for homeowners. If your child has been injured by one of these property features, you may be eligible to receive compensation for their injuries.

What Is Considered An Attractive Nuisance?

Young children do not have the ability to fully recognize the dangers that may be present around a property feature, making it imperative that property owners secure these features to the best of their ability. While most often these dangerous objects are things that children may believe are designed for them, nearly anything can become an attractive nuisance in the right circumstances.
Attractive nuisances can come in many different forms, including:

Swimming pools

Playground equipment

Tool sheds

Abandoned refrigerators and appliances



Abandoned Cars

Construction Equipment

The responsibility is on property owners to secure things like this with preventative measures such as fences, walls, or protective equipment. Merely placing a sign is not usually considered an adequate preventative measure, as often young children who may trespass either cannot read or comprehend what the sign says. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you analyze the evidence of your case and determine how best to proceed in the pursuit of compensation

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